Hi!  I'm Madison Waggoner, 
Ayurvedic Healer and Yoga Guide. 


My passion is to inspire individuals to take ownership of their well-being, and to live a radiant and purposeful life.  

My initial interest in wellness began at a very young age. One of my first memories was sitting on our kitchen counter packing my own lunch for kindergarten - the lunch included something from each of the recommended categories on the (then) food pyramid. 

In my college days, I realized that my inner drive to “succeed” took me straight to mental overwhelm. One semester, I planned philanthropic events and a major fundraiser. This was in addition to a packed class schedule studying business management, entrepreneurship and nutrition. Yoga invited me out of my busy mind and into feeling/sensing my physical body. It also opened me to the exploration of spirituality. I felt connected to a deeper meaning and purpose in life. At that point, yoga became an integral part of my life. 

Continual stress and anxiety affected my hormones. Deep, cystic acne appeared all over my face. After hitting rock bottom, I finally went on accutane for 8 months. It resolved a majority of the acne, but didn’t get to the root cause. The acne came back. 

A few months later, I learned about Ayurveda during yoga teacher training. My life was forever changed! The ancient wisdom taught me about my mind and body type, and I began to incorporate diet, exercise, lifestyle, self-care techniques that were meant for me. Not only did my acne improve dramatically, but I created a new relationship with myself. I beamed with a newfound mind, body, and spiritual wellness!

Ayurveda is intelligent, powerful, and a completely natural healing system. It is built to accommodate different mind-body types because the same approach will not work for everybody. I am thrilled and honored to share this empowering ancient wisdom with you on your journey!

Shri Wellness

Shri is a Sanskrit word which means diffusing light, radiance and beauty. When you radiate so does your community!

My mission is to empower individual and community well-being. 

My vision is a world where individuals live with purpose, experience joy and mindfully co-exist.

“As within, so without.” 

It Starts with You!

When you are aware and purposeful of how you live, eat, sleep, breathe, exercise and connect with others then you diffuse light and radiance. Your choices begin to align with good for all.

Working with Madison has provided me with all the support I have needed on my healing journey. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable but also patient with a compassionate ear. Her holistic approach to healing has helped me redesign my eating and lifestyle habits. I could not offer enough positive words and gratitude to do justice for her services.
— Markus K.

Spread the Light

When you radiate and feel well, others take notice. Your light shines bright from within, and thus sparks other individuals. The snowball effect ignites a happy, healthy community.

Are you ready to align your life with your highest self while positively impacting your community? 

Reach out today to share your story!

Yoga and Ayurveda have helped me on my journey, and I know they can help you, too.
Let's work together to achieve the mind, body, and spiritual well-being you've been looking for.