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Spring Reset - Guided 12 Day Home Detox

Join Shri Wellness this spring for a group diet and lifestyle reset! Whether this is your first or 100th cleanse, Ayurvedic cleansing invokes a physical, mental and emotional digestive reset. Detoxing has been practiced for thousands of years and serves an important role in well-being, longevity and digestive health.

There are many benefits to participating in a group cleanse: Connect and share with others who hold similar intentions. Commit and be accountable to release and renewal. Feel empowered and motivated by thriving together. Laugh and support one another along the way!

This intelligent cleansing method supports a reset for digestion and safely detoxes your mind and body. Unlike many other popular cleanses, an Ayurvedic cleanse uses warm, comforting foods to invoke a gentle release of diet and environmental toxins built-up over time. The diet includes easy to digest foods such as: ghee and fresh fruits as well as cooked vegetables, whole grains and legumes. In addition to a wholesome diet, the detox also uses nourishing self-care practices to support restoration.

The reset package includes:

  • Instructions for the program - recipes included

  • Live calls to discuss detox and answer questions

  • 12 days total which include three days of preparation*, five days of active cleansing and four days of rejuvenation*

  • High quality ghee and triphala to support the detox

  • Access to a private Facebook group forum for Q+A

  • Journaling topics for reflection

  • It is encouraged that each participant schedule an individual check-in (in-person or via phone/video) with Madison to explore detox intentions, discuss specific health questions, and choose supportive diet + lifestyle practices for the reset.

* Preparation and rejuvenation are important to not shock the system. The idea is a gentle reset. Preparation is a slow integration of whole foods and self-care techniques. The rejuvenation is a gentle return to a normal diet.

Cost and To Register: 


$149 (plus shipping) includes everything described in the package above


$229 (plus shipping) which includes everything described in the package above plus dry ingredients for meals, massage oil, and chyawanprash (classic Ayurvedic rejuvenation formula). ($100 value)

For additional questions, please contact us directly at

Registration open until April 5, 2018.

At a time when I was feeling out of balance and out of touch with wellness, Madison was able to understand on a spiritual and physical level what I needed to refresh and realign. Her approach is attentive and intuitive with a deep knowledge and appreciation for Ayurvedic wisdom. Not only does she walk you through adoption of Ayurvedic practices, but she teaches you the ‘why’ – the deeper meaning behind the teachings.

I participated in a cleanse with Madison and her guidance helped me succeed – I reached my goals and was able to begin a new, healthier path to complete mind-body wellness. She goes above and beyond to make sure she is working with your individual needs, rather than a pre-scripted generalized experience. I will absolutely be working with Madison again and I look forward to the next phase of growth with her!
— Lizzie L.
I have always been committed to my health and cultivating the best version of myself. Right before the summer season, I decided that I wanted to do a detox. During that time of year, the juice cleansing fad was very popular and not to mention very expensive for what you pay for. With my skepticism, I decided to contact Madison before making a final commitment. Not only did she go to the effort to understand my goals, lifestyle, and my body type but, she also took the time to explain the science and intelligence behind the Ayurveda method of cleansing.

I was intrigued by the idea of an Ayurvedic cleanse and consuming wholesome cooked foods versus only drinking liquids for three days. Without a question I engaged in a three day Ayurvedic cleanse. I was introduced to warming spices that I never knew my body craved and most importantly I never felt deprived. Madison was there for me through the entirety of the cleanse, to support me and answer any questions or concerns that I may have had during this detox that was new to me. After just three short days, I noticed the positive difference of my bodies’ ability to digest foods. I felt mindful, nourished, and balanced after my experience and would recommend Madison for any health services!
— Megan L.